riley conaway

senior designer

I have been with papellerie since the very beginning, when it was just me and Amy working away in her home office! I am best known in the studio for being very organized and somewhat of a planner with my projects.


Being senior designer at papellerie means I work directly with clients through the whole process, and by the end we know each other very well! I design all different styles and brands but something with lots of color is especially exciting to me! One of my favorite things is getting into the details of how the whole suite will be packaged together, or the extra touches that make a piece special and custom.


My favorite part of this job is sharing the excitement with my client as they take their first look of their final printed piece, these moments are priceless!  Coming to work every day and being able to chat, collaborate, and work together with this team of amazing ladies is a serious dream come true for me!


Where do you find your inspiration?

I get really inspired hearing the stories and creative thoughts from the couple/clients.
If the clients have a really great love story or even if their love story is conventional, but they are super excited about their look for the big day - I find a lot of my inspiration in excitement.


What’s your favorite thing to listen to while designing?

My current play list is a bunch of my favorite song based off of "Orphan Girl" by Gillian Welch. Can't get enough alt country lately!


Favorite way to unwind?

I love to stay home and cook dinner and watch TV or play board games with my husband, get my nails done with my bestie, or hang out at my parents' home in Bellville!


What could we always find in your desk drawer?

A million different pens and as Amy says, “a million thank you notes from clients” (what can I say??!)


Favorite word?

museum (no ascenders or descenders, its a beautiful word)


Favorite thing to do in Houston?

Anyone who lives here and doesn’t answer this with eat - they are crazy! There are so many yummy places in Houston!




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