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At papellerie (pap-ell-er-ee: it's like Spanish for paper with a second L for looks and an "erie" at the end), everything we do is completely custom. For us, this means that everything that leaves our studio is something new, completely unique, and one of a kind! Our design team is comprised of three ladies who all have bachelor’s degrees in graphic arts, so first and foremost we’re designers – but we’re designers who all have an eye for the combination of design and the beauty of print. Our goal is that every time someone opens a piece of mail that was designed by us, they think of our client and say, “This is so them!”


To begin the process, our creative director or senior designer has a meeting or call with clients. We love to hear all about your vision for your wedding or event and if you have any preconceived ideas of what the paper pieces will look like. We love to get to know you, your story inspires us and the more we know, the more personal and custom your suite will be!



After our first meeting, or call, we’ll create a custom design proposal created specifically for you and what all you’ll need for your event. We don’t only do save the dates and invitations but we have an endless list of items we can do for the weekend of: programs, cocktail napkins, signage, welcome letters and hospitality packages for your hotel guests, stir sticks, koozies, table assignments, place cards, and much, much more! Design pricing is the same for every client, and we’ve created our rates based on the average amount of time it takes the designer and the production team from start to finish.



Once you’ve reviewed your custom proposal and you’re ready to get started, our creative director handpicks your designer based on style, personality, and scheduling. She works closely together with the designers to create the perfect final product. We want you to have the best experience at papellerie, and Amy knows exactly who on our team will be able to give you that.


To get started, we take a deposit of 50% of the design fee and have you sign our contract. Next, our project manager creates a schedule for the designer working backwards from your mail drop date. This is the best way for our designers to set deadlines and goals. From here, we’ll either set up an in person meeting or schedule a day to email you a .pdf of your design presentation. Part of our process includes an unlimited round of revisions. Just like you, we do not want to stop until it’s just right! It’s important to keep in mind that the amount of revisions and complexity of revisions can affect the schedule we’ve created, and can then effect the mail out date. We find that more often than not, we’re able to get the design finalized within 3-5 rounds of revisions.


When we start getting close to the final design, we send a printing and production estimate. We can always suggest ways to adjust the production estimate if needed, so don't stress about this part. The reason the printing estimate comes after we get started on design is because everything is custom printed for you, so there is no set printing prices already in place. As long as we know your goal budget, we can tailor the printing techniques, paper choices, and production methods to how much you want to spend. We often calculate invitations on a per suite basis, so give us a range (for example: $10-15 per, $25-35 per, $50-60 per, etc.) and we can normally make it work!



Once we receive your final official approval on the design and the printing estimate, we begin production! Because everything we create is something new and unique, production often takes upwards of 10 days. It can take as long as 30, so we always keep that in mind when creating your schedule. Papellerie most often outsources printing to a very few trusted contacts, and we work incredibly closely with them to make sure everything is perfect when you see the final pieces.



One of our favorite things is assembly! We have a whole team of lovely ladies who come in and help us line envelopes, tie bows, mount backers, and more. Once your items come in from the printer, they immediately go to the assembly team for quality control and finishing.


We can either mail your invitations to you, you or your planner can pick them up, or we can fulfill them for you. Fulfillment means we carefully stuff, stamp, seal, and always hand cancel at our local post office. We can't promise that the post office will take as much care as us after they leave our hands, but we do everything we can possibly do to make sure they arrive as beautifully as they left us.


The full design and production process takes, on average, about three months per suite item, so keep that in mind when contacting us. Let us know if you’re needing to move a little faster than that, and we can discuss options!


∙ Save the dates are sent 6-8 months before the event and take 8-10 weeks to design and produce.

∙∙ Invitations are sent 6-8 weeks before the event and take 10-12 weeks to design and produce.

∙∙∙ Day of and branding items are picked up the day before the event and take 6-8 weeks to design and produce.

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At papellerie, we do everything from scratch. We work hard to create a custom branded experience for our clients, whether we’re working on your wedding invitations, your business cards, or your baby’s first birthday party favors. Our passion lies in the details - in the paper, the typography, the concept behind what we’re designing. tell us your story and we’ll show you something that you always hoped to see.


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