amy boyter

creative director + owner

I am an extremely passionate designer (almost to a fault) paired with a creative mind that always is spinning with new ideas or things I want to do.


I am the creative director. I work alongside the designers and production managers and have a hand in everything. My biggest strength and role is understanding and translating our clients styles even if they don’t know how to describe it.


I started papellerie when I moved back home to Houston after years away as a graphic designer in NYC, then Chicago. I have always had a love for paper, textures and materials. I have found that stationery design is my perfect fit. Beautiful design, mixed with beautiful materials, and beautiful print methods.... it just doesn’t get better!


I love designing these timeless pieces that are so important to our clients. It is unique and priceless to be able to create a piece where a client shares the passion for the product as much as we do.


Where do you find inspiration?

Clients, the inspiration always comes from the client. Every client has a story, whether it is a bride or a new brand, there is always a story or a personality that evokes a style. I love to bring that to style life.


Favorite font?

It changes weekly and I don’t like to get too comfortable. I love any font with a great set of glyphs. Always love a dramatic script (hand calligraphy), or a clean crisp gotham font. Can’t go wrong with a classic bold, thick, black bodoni. I can’t pick one.


When I am not designing I am....

Spending time with my husband and my boxer Frances Lucille. You will probably find us at a local restaurant in the Heights. I have always loved to shop, fashion is a form of design which I love. Most of all, we love to travel, travel, and travel more.


What could we always find in
your desk?

Inside: Gold foil chips, a set of personal stationery, and many many pens. Almost always there is a pantone book, a 1/2 empty diet coke can, maybe a pantone mug from my morning coffee, a bottle of water and an OPI nail polish.


Common quote

“This is my favorite brand ever, I know I
said that yesterday but no really, I mean it this time!”




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