alyssa sheedy


I moved away from my hometown of Waco, Texas to Houston in August of 2014 just to intern with Papellerie! Being born and raised in Waco, and then getting my bachelors at Baylor University (sic ’em Bears!), I had never lived anywhere else, so coming to Houston was a huge move, but I couldn’t be happier!


I was so happy when I was asked to be an official Papellerette! Every day at work is a completely new day, and I love that I get to spend it with these inspiringly creative group of women. It’s so much fun! I have truly found my passion here.


Experimenting with different papers and colors is one of my favorite things about designing and this is really what inspires my process. I could look at paper swatches and foil colors for hours!


The most exciting thing is seeing your designs come to life. It is so incredibly rewarding and will never get old. It’s literally impossible for me not to dance and squeal around the office when something comes in from the printer! (Sorry to bust your eardrums, ladies. I just can’t help it.)


Where do you find your inspiration?

Paper samples and swatch books. I LOVE PAPER.


What could we always find in
your desk?

Like, all the swatchbooks. If one of the girls is looking for a certain swatchbook, and  can’t find it anywhere, it’s probably at my desk. Oops... sorry ladies!


What’s your favorite thing to listen to while designing?

I listen to everything from Ben Rector to Big Sean. (obviously, it ranges greatly)


Favorite way to unwind?

Wine and Skype dates with my best friend who lives in NYC!


Favorite color combo/scheme?

Holographic and disco balls (those definitely count as colors, right?)


I could not live without?

My dog, Kimber! She’s the cutest.


Favorite thing about being a papellerette?

Everything!! But if I HAD to pick one, it’s definitely the people I get to work with and see everyday



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