alice munier

studio manager

I am the studio manager at papellerie, which means I am the glue that holds us together and keep all of the little project pieces organized. Whenever something special is needed, I get to be the one that makes it happen. I love being the enthusiastic and positive support my fellow papellerettes rely on!


One of my favorite things about working here is watching the designers follow their creative process! But then, I think the hands on part is just as fun. Sometimes when I unpack a delivery, I just stop and stare at the design in awe. These ladies are amazing!


Favorite way to unwind?

I really enjoy cooking and one of my favorite things in the world is whipping up a tasty meal and sharing it with my hubby.


What could we always find in your desk drawer?

So many different pens! I'm a firm believer in the right pen for the right job.


Favorite word?

This week? Citrus. It looks good in print, cursive, calligraphy, even block lettering.


Favorite thing to do in Houston?

I love, love, love to explore new things. I really enjoy adventuring through some of Houston's diverse neighborhoods and checking out authentic ethnic restaurants.


Something you never leave home without?

A pocket notebook for my to do lists, a pen for the day that suits my mood, and my cell phone (aka mobile office).


Favorite thing about being
a papellerette?

The other papellerettes of course! This is the best group of girls I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Every day is a
new adventure!


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